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Home Records A Proper State - 2008

A Proper State - 2008

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A Proper State CD Cover


Conversation on a Mobile
The Ghost of Georges Brassens
Barney's Epic Homer
Barney's Got a Job Now
A Proper State
When They Ask Me
The Third Intifada
See Life's Road Before You
Like Love
Faslane 365
The Power of Song

"This new album is predictably angry but at times startlingly original and sophisticated. It starts with a well-performed, bitter story about mobile phones, which veers between cabaret and a thoughtful observation on non-communication in a communication-obsessed world. Then comes a song about the great French songwriter Georges Brassens, and a series of political and social comment songs that deal with everything from fame and the consumer society through to death, the Middle East and nuclear disarmament, using an elaborate mixture of stories and musical ideas." GUARDIAN (See the full article at the guardian.co.uk

"Another triumph of the craft of wordsmithery and full of typically nifty and barbed wordplay... Another splendid set" fROOTS

"He's had a long career but this is one of his best." MOJO

"The songs on A Proper State, like those throughout his half century of singing and writing, obstinately defy category... The title track excoriates the bread and circus world of celebrity obsession, fashion-fetishism and the 'heart-shaped emptiness' of liposuction and botoxification.... When They Ask Me casts a lyrical-satirical eye on death, whose complete antithesis, Like Love, is one of the sweetest simile sequences imaginable for that indefinable, yet often over-defined, human condition." SOCIALIST LAWYER

"Rosselson is on great form here and has lost none of those qualities which have made him for so long such a fascinating and uplifting presence: a wonderful ear for melody, a poet's skill with words, a subtle and highly intelligent humour and a brilliant ability to make his theme poignant by concealment." THE PENNILESS PRESS

"No composer of songs in our native tongue, it seems to me, gets close to his level of eloquence." COLIN RANDALL SALUT LIVE

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