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The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow CD Now Available

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Twenty nine songs and one visionary poem on 2 CDs from singers & songwriters Frankie Armstrong, Roy Bailey, Robb Johnson, Reem Kelani,  Sandra Kerr,  Grace Petrie, Leon Rosselson, Janet Russell, Peggy Seeger, Jim Woodland and socialist magician Ian Saville.  
Eleven different voices with one aim - to challenge the narrative that says, There is no alternative.
Last Updated on Monday, 12 November 2012 13:27

Review in Counterpunch

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A piece on Leon and the World Turned Upside Down by Scott Borchert was recently published at Counterpunch.org.

"Most of all, he’s thought about what it means to be a radical songwriter, someone who accepts the foolish challenge of channeling their critical perspective on society through their artistic impulses. I say “foolish” because we’ve all seen the sort of aesthetic train wrecks that often result from the best-intentioned “political” art. It’s a risky thing to be a serious, radical artist—but I think Leon Rosselson pretty much nailed it."

Read the full piece here

Last Updated on Friday, 28 September 2012 14:44

The Anti Capitalist Roadshow

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You may have noticed a few gigs in the calendar entitled "The AntiCapitalist Roadshow". If you're wondering what it's all about, read on!

The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow....

     ... is a collective of singers and songwriters Frankie ArmstrongRoy BaileyRobb JohnsonReem KelaniSandra KerrGrace Petrie, Leon Rosselson, Janet RussellPeggy SeegerJim Woodland plus one (there is only one) socialist magician, Ian Saville.  

We have brought our songs and magic to enthusiastic audiences in Leicester, Leeds, Hebden Bridge, London, Portsmouth, Shoreham and St Albans. In November & December we will be celebrating subversion in Halifax, Wellingborough, Liverpool, Newcastle, Sheffield and William Morris's home town of Walthamstow, raising spirits and giving hope and heart and a smile or two to those angry at the ideologically driven austerity programme imposed by this millionaire government on all but the elite, and in particular on the poor, the vulnerable and  the disabled.  
We are part of the resistance to a capitalism that functions only on behalf of the wealthy, that aims to shrink the public sphere and privatise public services, including the NHS, and that is destructive to the planet.  We are part of another way of looking at the world. 
You can read more here: http://www.anticapitalistroadshow.co.uk 
Here's the grand finale (The World Turned Upside Down) from the recent show at Cecil Sharp House in Camden, bolstered by more than a little involvement from the audience!
Last Updated on Friday, 28 September 2012 14:10

New gigs in the calendar

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Six new gigs have been added to the calendar for the next few months, including three Anti-Capitalist Roadshow performances, two concerts in London and a workshop in Wales.

Click here to see the calendar


Interview and 5 Star Review in R2 Magazine

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R2 Magazine recently published an interview with Leon Rosselson as well as a 5-star review of his 4-CD boxed set, The World Turned Upside Down. 

Sean McGhee first interviewed Leon Rosselson back in 1988 for the launch of Rock'n'Reel (now R2) Magazine. 24 years later, following the release of the boxed set, the pair talk again about fame, the art of songwriting, Harry Potter, pop songs and Israel.  

Read the full R2 interview here. 

Click on the image below to see R2 Magazine's 5-star review of The World Turned Upside Down, or get hold of R2's January/February issue!

 R2 Magazine review Leon Rosselson


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