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Home Records RosselSonGs - 1990

RosselSonGs - 1990

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RosselSongs cover image


- 1. Tim McGuire 
- 2. Penny for the Guy 
- 3. Palaces of Gold* 
- 4. We Sell Everything 
- 5. Stand Up for Judas 
- 6. Sing a Song to Please Us 
- 7. She Was Crazy He Was Mad 
- 8. Not Quite But Nearly 
- 9. Let Your Hair Hang Down 
- 10. Don't Get Married Girls 
- 11. I Didn't Mean it 
- 12. No-One Is Responsible 
- 13. Still Is the Memory* 
- 14. Whoever Invented the Fishfinger 
- 15. Who Reaps the Profits? 
- 16. It Wasn't Me I Didn't Do It 
- 17. Bringing the News From Nowhere 
- 18. The World Turned Upside Down* 

* Re-recording

LEON ROSSELSON with Frankie Armstrong, Roy Bailey, Steve Barry, Martin Carthy, Howard Evans, Sue Harris, Rory McLeod, Simon Nicol, Fiz Shapur and Roger Williams

'Rosselsongs was a revelation, an album I that I could not only listen to but one which was amusing, thought-provoking, well-produced and relevant'

'Pretty much every track on this compilation is a winner, demonstrating not only the famous vicious edge of his songs, but also the funny, the sad and the quirky'
- FOLK ROOTS March 1990

'An excellent selection from seven different albums by one of the most able songwriters of our times'
- TAPLAS April 1990

Price: £11
Postage to the UK included in the price.  
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