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Questions - 1995 - Now On CD

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Questions cover image


Songs and Stories for Children

- 1. Skin
- 2. Flying High Flying Free
- 3. My Heterodontosaurus
- 4. Why Does It Have To Be Me?
- 5. Free to Roam
- 6. Questions
- 7. The Vitamin Dance
- 8. One Two Three
- 9. Air
- 10. Don't Put a Banana in Your Ear
- 11. Bear Story
- 12. Kangaroos Like To Hop
- 13. Song of the Clock
- 14. Ella's Bedtime Story

LEON ROSSELSON with grown-ups Chris Foster, Liz Mansfield, Ruth Rosselson and Fiz Shapur and children Amy Dawson, Yolanda Rosselson, Alphonse Ryan, Ella Ryan and John-Jo Ryan.

'Fun songs, sing-along songs and a couple of good stories ensure that this cassette is popular with both children and adults.' - TAPLAS June 1995

'This is a cheerful compilation for children throughout the primary school' JUNIOR EDUCATION April 1995

'Make no mistake these songs really do work for kids as my victims at Braithwaite and Eastwood schools will testify.' TYKES NEWS Summer 1995


Price: £11
Postage to the UK included in the price.  
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